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Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine is suitable to wash injectable glass vials. Machine equipped with seven washing stations can be interchangeable as per specific customer’s requirements. This Linear Vial Washer provides 4 water wash & 3 air wash for positive & pressurizing washes of vials. All contact parts made from AISI SS 316L and non-contact parts from AISI SS 304 materials. Vials invert into neck down position and nozzles enters into vial during washing cycle to meet GMP requirements. Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine is ideal and economic choice for online Sterile Vial Filling Line.

Salient Features of Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

  • A complete cGMP model.

  • All contact parts made from S.S. 316L.

  • Entire frame covers & non contact parts made out from SS 304.

  • Easy cleanable & Inter changing facility.

  • Machine provides 4 water washers & 3 air washers.

  • Complete Flexibility with user for washing cycle.

  • Feeding online vial transferring chain through turn table.

  • “No Vial – No Washing” system.

  • “No washing – No water supply” system.

  • Nozzles enter into the container during washing cycle to meet cGMP requirement.

  • Low water consumption.

  • Quick change over with minimum use of tools.

  • Microprocessor based variable AC frequency drive for speed control.

  • Vial counter for counting the final production output.

Process Operation of Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

Containers feed from the de-cartooning station are received on an Infeed turn table through visual inspection unit. An in feed worm inverts container to neck down position and feeds them through a specially designed indexing device. The device carries the container forward and stops. Nozzles carrier enters into the container and activities the jet of water/air. The air/water flow is deactivated after the washing cycle is over. Device indexes the vials for next wash. A separate pumping station gives the right quantum of water at the desired pressure. Washed containers are again inverted to neck upward position to collect in trays or directly feed to sterilizing tunnel.

Technical Specification of Automatic Linear Vial Washing Machine

Model: ALVW-80 ALVW-150
Production Rate: 40 to 80 Vials/Minute 80 to 150 Vials/Minute
Input Specification:(Container diameter) 15mm to 35mm 15mm to 35mm
Power Specification:
Main Machine: 0.75 H.P. 0.75 H.P.
Pumping Station: 2.25 H.P. 2.25 H.P.
Loading Platform: 0.25 H.P. 0.25 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hertz 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hertz
Optional Accessories:
Vial Loading Platform Vial Loading Platform
Vial Inspection Station Vial Inspection Station
Pumping Station Pumping Station
Programmable Logic Control with GUI Programmable Logic Control with GUI
Fresh Water 5 Liters/Minute 10 Liters/Minute
DM Water 10 Liters/Minute 20 Liters/Minute
WFI 5 Liters/Minute 5 Liters/Minute
Air 30 [email protected] bar 30 [email protected] bar
Overall Dimension: 2300mm (L) X 850mm (W) X 915mm (H) 2300mm (L) X 1000mm (W) X 915mm (H)

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

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