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Tablet Blister Packing Machine offered by our company is pretty ergonomic. It is uses for different blister packing purposes such as cold forming (ALU) and thermo forming (PVC/ALU). We design and manufacture tablet blister packing machines which are well-suited for large-scaled production cycles.

Alu-PVC blistering machine manufactured and supplied by us has been designed post extensive researches. It offers both mechanical and pneumatic movements and the machine body is made of mild steel chassis with high-end SS304 covers. These frames are bolted from a robust frame device structure. On this structure, you will find various modular stations. The machine features two servo/stepper motors which are there in order to operate the indexing and feeding system.

Feeding is carried out by PTR (product transfer roller) for Alu or Alu blistering in the perfect manner. There are 6 height adjustable studs in this machine and the whole machine is mounted on it. Due to this provision, you can easily sanitize the area underneath our tablet blister packing machine. The sturdy construction of the machine is not the only salient feature, as it is designed to ensure operator’s safety as well. Cantilevered modular construction adjustments are easily accessible from front of the machine. Even if you need changeovers, it won’t take more than half an hour for the whole set of changeover.

Our Alu PVC blistering machine has a user-friendly HMI touch screen and there is an auto-feeding system equipped for ease.

Salient Features of Blister Packing Machine

  • cGMP Model.
  • Provide production hence cost effective.
  • Combi packs for better utilization of capacity and packaging materials.
  • Edge to edge cutting to eliminate trim waste between packs.
  • Special purpose tool minimize trim wastage.
  • Continuous blister forming at low temperature by contact heating system.
  • Change parts and settings at front side of machine for ease of operation.
  • Quick change over reduces material wastage and down time.
  • Increased production output by simpler operation technique.
  • Small footprint occupy less space.
  • No need of Air Compressor on some models.
  • Extended guide track system can accommodate up to four feeders to produce multi-product kit packs.

Working Principle of Blister Packing Machine

PVC base film is fetched from the reel and before it is fed into the blister forming unit. Blisters get continuously formed and the web is taken to the sealing station by using a guide track. There is also a suitable automatic filling system provided in the machine. Aluminum foil is also fetched from a different reel and it is fed to the sealing station. Filled and sealed web is fed using an indexing mechanism and the packs are segregated. The collection process begins once the web is sheared off. Our pharmaceutical blistering machine can be connected to collection bins or a conveyor belt depending on your preferences.

For more information related to capsule blister packing machine, feel free to get in touch with our sales team.

Technical Specification of Blister Packing Machine

Model ABP-240
Type of Formation Aluminium + PVC
Machine Speed Up to 150 Strokes/minute (Output depends upon tablet/capsule shape, size, diameter & packing type)
PVC Bade Film
·            Maximum width 225mm
·            Thickness 0.2 to 0.3 mm
·            Max Reel Dia. 440mm
Aluminium Foil
·            Maximum width 221mm
·            Thickness 0.02 to 0.03 mm
·            Max Roll Dia. 210mm
Forming Area
·            Minimum area 210 x 25mm
·            Maximum area 210 x 135mm
Pack Length 217mm maximum
Pack Width 140mm maximum
Forming Depth 12mm
Max. Core Diameter 70mm
Net Weight 1100 Kgs. approx.
Gross Weight 1500 Kgs. approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.