• Automatic Strip Packing Machine


Our Automatic Strip Packing Machine is a high-speed machine that’s capable of packing a wide range of products in a short span of time. It is very easy to operate this machine and it reduces your work-load and minimal manpower is needed to run this phenomenally designed and ergonomically feasible machine.

Automatic strip packing machine is also known as strip sealing machine and it can pack products such as capsules, coated tablets, tablets, soft gelatin capsules, and chewing gum etc. Made with GMP standards this high-speed machine has a PLC human interface system and it is pretty durable as well. It has a robust construction and has all contact parts made of SS 316. Ideal for heat sealable packing laminates, our capsule strip packing machine can use different packaging materials such as foils, aluminum, cellophane, and polythene without affecting the actual properties of capsules and tablets packed inside them. Automatic feeding, cutting and sealing processes are pretty simple with this highly-efficient machine. Since, it can handle 2 to 3 tasks simultaneously; it is low-budget and has an amazing working mechanism that is easy to master.

Our tablet strip packing machine can be customized according to your needs and it also comes with a digital temperature control system for ease of operation. This is an economical packaging machine which ensures tamper proof packaging according to international standards.

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Features of Strip Packing Machine

  • cGMP machine model.
  • Suitable for most heat sealable foils like aluminum poly, glassine poly, paper poly etc.
  • All parts are standardized which ensures quick inter changeable.
  • There are 5 different models, capacity ranging from 400 to 2500 tablets per minute.
  • Trouble free smooth operation.
  • Conveyor at outfeed can be offers for auto collection & further transfer of strips.
  • Easy and quick changeover.
  • Batch coding device for printing batch no. mfg. date etc.

Design Features of Strip Packing Machine

Packing Material Holding Assembly: 2 sets of front adjustable type of friction brake system with foil running tube

Synchronized BCP Unit: Ceramic ink roller type, flat drum mounted on bracket- running in sync with the main machine to provide batch coding details on each pocket (stereo- drum will change with the

change in sealing rollers).

Change Parts Set: Sealing Rollers with back gear & cam disc, SS Bowl, SS Chute channel release pin & Cutting gear set.

Polycarbonate Cabinet: Mounting on SS angles & SS frames for protection of Sealing-

Rollers, Brush Shaft & Cutter Assembly.

Technical Specification of Strip Packing Machine

Description Specification
Model GMP
No. of Tracks Four
Production Output Up to 50000 Tablets/Hour
Foil Material Alu / Paper / any heat seal
Foil – Width 145mm maximum
Foil Roll Diameter 400mm max.
Feeding Automatic by Vibrator
Dish Guide Material MOC Stainless Steel 316
Coverings MOC Stainless Steel 304
Objects Tablets, Capsules
Motor 1 H.P., 1440 RPM, Non-FLP Induction Motor
Power Voltage 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz,
Gear Box 2.5” Center Distance, 30:1 Ratio type
BPA Unit

(Batch Printing Unit)

Printing unit fully automatic box type
Overall Dimension 52” (L) x 52” (W) x 72” (H) approx.
Net Weight 550 Kgs. approx.
Gross Weight 800 kgs. approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.