• Automatic Inhaler Labeling Machine


Automatic Inhaler Sticker Labeling Machine is suitable for label on round inhalers. Machine is based on rotary mechanism to label inhalers. The containers received from feed worm to star wheel precisely spaced and reach at the label wrap around point at the similar distance.  While entering at the labeling point, container sensor start with servo motor and pressing belt press the label smoothly between pad and belt. Label sensor photocell detects the space between two labels and holds them until the next container comes. Meantime of this operation pneumatic printing attachment prints.

Salient Features of Inhaler Bottle Labeling Machine

  • Compact model
  • Production output up to 80 objects per minute.
  • Servo Motor with Controller
  • S. 304 Constructions.
  • Accurate label placement.
  • Micro processor Control System.
  • Secondary Pressing unit.
  • Any kind of printing device can be accommodated with machine.
  • Imported Gear Motor for Conveyor & Pressing unit
  • Imported Gear Box for Conveyor & Pressing unit
  • Programmable MMI Unit
  • C. Frequency Drive for main drive
  • In built Speed Indicator & Counter
  • Imported Sensor for Label & Container

Technical Specification of Automatic Inhaler Labeler

Model AASL-120
Production Rate Up to 120 Ampoules/Minute
Type of Labels Self-adhesive sticker labels
Ampoule Diameter 10mm to 18mm
Ampoule Height 50mm to 105mm
Label Length 20mm to 50mm
Label Width 15mm to 60mm
Label Roll Core Diameter 75 to 76mm
Power Specification 0.5 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics 230 Volts, Single Phase
400/750W Servo Motor with encoder
Overall Dimension 1150mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 1100mm (H) approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.