• Automatic High Speed Ampoule Vial Combo Sticker Labeling Machine


Automatic High Speed Ampoule Labeling Machine suitable for current high speed filling line requirements in pharmaceuticals. This machine is harnessed to label ampoules and vials of diverse shapes at high speeds. This rotary ampoule labeling machine has an exclusive system comprising mechanical and electronic system to apply even transparent or no look labels. It also features a synchronized speed control system to operate machine on different speed.

If you are looking for a machine that helps you achieve high production targets with no errors and no machine downtime, our high speed vial labeling machine is the right pick for you. It is capable of labeling up to 600 products in just one minute. It has a unique feeding device that is used for feeding ampoules or vials and labeled ampoules or vials can be collected from the trays.  Ampoule feeding and labeling doesn’t require disruption in the operation as the operator doesn’t need to stop the machine for either of these tasks. Besides, no damage is caused to vials and ampoules which is another prime reason; this machine is quite sought after.

For more information about our high speed ampoule labeling machine made of stainless steel, feel free to drop us a line. If you are looking for an obligation free quote for automatic high speed ampoule-vial combo sticker labeling machine, we will be more than happy to help you with that as well. We provide pharmaceutical automatic package option including vision system, barcode printing and online rejection which put us in line of leading ampoule labeling machine manufacturer in India. 

Features of High Speed Ampoule Labeling Machine

  • Compact cGMP model.
  • Option of hopper infeed individual operation or through wire mesh conveyor for auto feeding operation.
  • Option of adding Missing Label Sensor.
  • Option of high end feature such as Camera based Vision System to check printing and barcode.
  • Different models having production output range of 120 per minute, 300 per minute and 600 per minute.
  • HMI and PLC based controls on operator panel.
  • Structure of machine made from high quality Stainless Steel 304 materials.
  • Batch Printing device can be attached for printing batch no., mfg. date etc.
  • Pressing device for accurate label placement.
  • “No Ampoule – No Label” feature incorporated.
  • Speed adjustable through Variable A.C. Frequency Drive.
  • Speed variation pot inbuilt in control system.
  • Counting unit provided to count number of labeled ampoules.
  • Imported Sensor for Label & Container.
  • Suitable for warnished, transparent and other type labels.

Process Operation of High Speed Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

Ampoules are placed into the machine’s infeed hopper and delivered to the feedworm. Feedworm rotates ampoules and transfers them to the Starwheel throughout its operation. The rollers on the Starhweel are the same diameter as the ampoule body diameter. Starwheel transports ampoules to the labelling station, where each ampoule choose a label and proceeds to the pressing machine. For correct label placement, the pressing unit is equipped with a rubber belt. While entering at the labeling point, container sensor start with servo motor and pressing belt press the label smoothly between pad and belt. Label sensor photocell detects the space between two labels and hold them until the next container comes. Meantime of this operation pneumatic printing attachment prints.

For detailed ampoule labeling machine working process please see video of the machine on top right side of this webpage.

Technical Specification of High Speed Ampoule Labeling Machine

Model AASL-120 AASL-300 AASL-600
Production Rate Up to 120 Ampoules/Minute Up to 300 Ampoules/Minute Up to 600 Ampoules/Minute
Type of Labels Self-adhesive sticker labels Self-adhesive sticker labels Self-adhesive sticker labels
Ampoule Diameter 10mm to 18mm 10mm to 18mm 10mm to 18mm
Ampoule Height 50mm to 105mm 50mm to 105mm 50mm to 105mm
Label Length 20mm to 50mm 20mm to 50mm 20mm to 50mm
Label Width 15mm to 60mm 15mm to 60mm 15mm to 60mm
Label Roll Core Diameter 75 to 76mm 75 to 76mm 75 to 76mm
Power Specification 0.5 H.P. 1 H.P. 2 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics 230 Volts, Single Phase 230 Volts, Single Phase 230 Volts, Single Phase
400/750W Servo Motor with encoder 400/750W Servo Motor with encoder 400/750W Servo Motor with encoder
Overall Dimension 1150mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 1100mm (H) approx. 1250mm (L) x 1100mm (W) x 1100mm (H) approx. 1600mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 1100mm (H) approx.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.

Automatic Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine AASL 120

Automatic High Speed Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine AASL 300

Automatic Super High Speed Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine AASL 600