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Production scale ETO sterilizer is also called EO gas sterilizer which is particularly designed for the sterilization of various products which have high sensitivity to temperature and humidity. Plastic articles, bandages, catheters, syringes, defluxers and cartridges for dialysis are some of such products. Powders that get deteriorated due to their exposure to heat are also sterilized using production scale ETO sterilizer. Adinath International is a premier EO gas sterilizer manufacturer and exporter in India offering this equipment to numerous industries such as para pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, laboratories, food processing and enterprises offering disposable surgical products.

Salient Features of Production Scale ETO Sterilizer

  • Available in semi-automatic and automatic models.
  • Chambers available between 20 cubic feet to 30 cubic meters.
  • Size of sterilizer can be changed according to the object size.
  • Machine available with double doors as well.
  • Temperature range between 35°C and 60°C.
  • Safe as the machine operates in vacuum and there are no chances of any leakage.
  • The electronic design makes the machine more accurate and dependable apart from repeatability.
  • This sterilizer can aerate items after the sterilization process is complete.
  • There is no risk of gas exposure during load transfers.

Working principle of EO Gas Sterilizer

Production scale ETO sterilizer uses ethylene oxide gas to curb infectious agents present in the products that are sensitive to high temperatures. ETO is used in the gas form and mixed with other substances such as carbon di-oxide and steam. The key parameters to be monitored are relative humidity and temperature.

ETO sterilization cycle looks like this:

  • Pre-conditioning
  • Sterilization
  • Conditioning

Types of Industrial EO Gas Chambers

We are one of the leading EO Gas Sterilizer manufacturer in India. We manufacture below two types of ETO sterilizers:

  1. Semi Automatic Operation Mode EO Sterilizer: In this type of control mode there are analog type buttons onto control panel of the machine through which machine operation procedure will be done.
  2. Fully Automatic Operation Mode EO Sterilizer: This is PLC HMI based fully automatic control mode equipment in which there is HMI mounted onto control panel of the machine through which operation procedure done.

Application of Production Scale ETO Sterilizer

  • Disposable Surgical Products
  • Para Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Spices
  • Food Industry

Chamber Size of Production Scale ETO Sterilizer

20 Cubic Feet to 30 Cubic Meters models available as per requirements.