• V Cone Blender R&D Model


Suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food industry, cosmetic and laboratory research applications, our V Cone R&D Lab Model Blender is considered perfect for achieving constant division and intermeshing of products.

This machine is also called lab scale V mixer which is precision engineered for dry blending powder or granules in just below 30 minutes. It has a powerful main drive unit and the machine is best-suited for blending and homogenizing purposes. Besides, lab scale v mixer is also perfect for granule lubrication. Our small V cone blender makes the entire operation dust free and automatic. Since, this phenomenal machine has all contact parts made of superlative quality stainless steel 316, its durability doesn’t get compromised.

The main components such as electrical control panel, drive motors, and control stations are safe from fire and other hazards. It has a unique configuration and requires less maintenance. Owing to its V shape, the machine offers exceptional lubrication and blending of granules. Also, it doesn’t succumb to wear and tear easily which is why it has an amazing longevity. When used with a bin charging system, you can achieve dust-free operation with no risk of product contamination. It doesn’t have any shaft projection which also helps eliminate product contamination with easy discharge. There is minimum maintenance needed with this machine and since all internal attachments are easy to clean, the machine is worth your investment in every single way.

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Salient Features of V Shaped Blender

  • Cantilever model.
  • Different shape and size bowl can be interchange.
  • Control panel fitted on same platform.
  • Contact parts made from SS 316 grade materials.
  • Machine stand and control panel structure made from SS 304.
  • Interlocking with safety grill provided hence machine stop in case of grill not on position.
  • All moving parts like motor and gearbox covered by Stainless Steel 304 cover.
  • Mirror finish from inner surface and matt finish on outer surfaces.
  • Speed reduction worm gearbox installed.
  • Easy to operate and less maintenance requires.

Technical Specification of V Cone Mixer

Machine Model VCB – 5
Design type Cantilever design
Design Feature Interchangeable Bowls
Capacity (Gross) 8 Liters approx.
Capacity (Working) 4 Liters approx.
Material Contact Parts SS 316 Materials
Machine Structure SS 304 Materials
Bearing Double Roller Bearing
Drive 0.5 H.P., 1440 RPM, 3 Phase, NFLP
Power Voltage 440 volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz
Discharge Source Butterfly Valve
Gearbox Reduction type gear, Ration 30:1

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.