• Toothpaste and Gel Production Plant


Being a reputed toothpaste and gel production plant manufacturer and supplier in India, we offer bleeding-edge toothpaste and gel manufacturing machine that is widely used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


This machine has all the necessary systems for the manufacturing of lotions, creams, gels, paste and ointments. This machine finds its application for the production of hair gels, pain-relief gels, hair gels, cold creams and mascara as well.

It is best-suited for the production of various emulsions and homogenizations as well. Our production plants have a capacity ranging between 20 kgs. and 20,000 kgs.

The machine comprises the following systems-

Why Choose Our Toothpaste & Gel Manufacturing Plant?

There are myriads of reasons to choose our toothpaste and gel production plant and some of those are mentioned below:

Vessel design for high productivity

The impeccable vessel design includes a conical construction with proper geometric ratios that facilitate seamless product flow. Owing to its angled surface, you can clean the vessel with superlative ease.

Integrated vacuum system for low operational costs

The integrated vacuum system with easy to use vacuum modification settings put you in control. It is highly environment friendly and sought after due to low operational costs. The vacuum line is easy to clean too.

User Friendly Interface

Achieve simple and fast set-up owing to an ultra-modern mixer processor package that is capable of process parameter storage in a jiffy. You also have optionally PLC based and touch screen MMI with SCADA packages to make the entire process a cake-walk for you. With plenty of packages at your disposal for specific requirements and configuration flexibility, this machine is certainly a cut above the rest.

Processing Options, Safety Features & Fully Integrated Control System

The machine is equipped with a whole slew of additional features that add to the flexibility of the mixer and the machine has a control system to ensure safety at all times. From temperature control & safety system through to hydraulic lifting of manufacturing vessel, semi-contra rotary agitator with open slot scraper design, and process piping with transfer panel design, this machine is a comprehensive and self-sufficient system.