• Shampoo, Gel & Handwash Mixer


Shampoo, gel and handwash mixer is a comprehensive manufacturing processing equipment that can manage mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, and heating function with utmost efficiency. This machine is designed to cater to the specific and complex needs of soap manufacturing industry. Equipped with ultra-modern and robust components, this machine is certainly worth your investment. It can be used for the manufacturing of shampoo, gels, and detergents to name a few.

Our shampoo mixer and handwash mixing vessel are quite commonly used in the pharmaceutical in cosmetic industries. This machine contains a number of blending vanes which are suitable for the production of different product types. The mixing tank body and pipes have mirror polishing. This machine is self-sufficient equipment that can take care of mixing, blending, storage, bottle filling and capping processes on its own with minimal manual intervention.

Working Process of Shampoo Making Machine

Since the shampoo and liquid soap manufacturing process happens to be more challenging as compared to many other products, a number of mixing parameters are required to be taken into account. Liquid soap production process starts with Phase A that involves the use of mixing tank for mixing calcium sodium, propylene glycol, copolymers, and acrylates in water. Now, in order to make lye-water solution, phase A solution is mixed with sodium hydroxide. Constant stirring takes place unless you achieve a uniform textured solution. Sulfates and sulfactants blending takes places in a different tank. During this stage, PEG-4 Rapeseedamide SLES, and Cocamidopropyl Betaine have to be mixed properly before it is poured into the lye-water solution. Other ingredients and necessary additives are also charged into the mixing tank to prevent aeration. Next step includes vigorous mixing until all compounds are properly mixed, homogenized and emulsified.

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