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Zero Hold Up Filter Press uses for filtration of liquid by separating solid from the liquid. Adhering cGMP and FDA compliance, out filter press machine equipped with gear pump, centrifugal pump or lobe pump as specific process requirements. Filtration assembly has modern design to achieve optimum process output. Perforated screens, filter plates, spacers and filter pad organized in such a way to obtain hassle free productivity.

The Zero Hold Up Filter Press mostly uses for syrup and suspension filtration in pharmaceutical industry. Syrup Filter Press also find usage in other wide range of industries such as distillery, food ingredients, organic chemicals, resin, ink, oil and many more. Filter pad and disc organized in a manner which separates solid cake from the flow of liquid. Dome structure at top enables easily removing of cartridge assembly for cleaning of pad and cake removal. Variety of pad can be use depending upon different product types requirements. Features of continuous process and zero holding material within chamber named it Zero Hold Up Filter Press.

Syrup Filter Press uses to achieve absolute filtration results of high value products. Notably equipments meets cGMP and FDA requirements laid down in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and allied industries. Apart from Syrup, Suspension & Oral Liquid these Filter Press Machine having wide usage in beverage industry for filtration of aerated beverages. Equipment proved its importance in food industry for filtration of pulp based drinks with utmost accuracy. Toxic, dangerous, and explosive liquids can readily be filtered thanks to the press’s included cake filter aid and solids. Due to reverse flow of liquid there is zero hold up in chamber which ensure complete filtration of load. It offers one pass clarity, homogeneous cake distribution across all plates. Design is so simple that drying of the cake can be performed with simple air and nitrogen purging.

Zero Hold Up Filter Press Salient Features

  • Maintenance can be done without lifting the cartridge, only done has to be lifted.

  • Construction follows the latest standard & engineering to perfection.

  • Available models – 4, 8, 14, 18, 24 & 33 inches plate diameter.

  • Available with centrifugal/gear/lobe pump.

  • Fitted with pressure gauge, safety valve & air vent.

  • Gives crystal clear filtration.

  • All contact parts in SS 304/316/316L.

  • High degree of finish to all contact parts.

  • Minimum hold up of unfiltered slurry, boost in productivity.

Applications of Zero Hold Up Filter Press

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Food Products
  • Beverages
  • Distilleries
  • Oil Industries
  • Dairy Industries
  • Paint Industries

Working Principle of Zero Hold Up Filter Press

The liquid is fed into the filter of the machine and it is done under positive pressure. Now, the liquid travels downwards and passes through the opening on the sides of filter plates. The filter media holds back foreign particles and enables only clear filtrate to go past the central channel. This central channel is made by interlocking pressure cups to the outlet. The filtration process continues until the cake holding capacity gets saturated or the filtrate rate gets way slower than it must be. This happens due to decreasing cake resistance. 

For detailed working process of zero hold up filter press please view working video in top right section of this webpage.

Optional Features in Zero Hold Up Filter Press

  • Flame Proof Motor & Starter.
  • Viewing Glass & Sampling Port.
  • PU Wheels.
  • Alfa Laval /Suzler/Rajedia/similar makes Pumps.
  • Filter Media as per client’s requirements.

Technical Specification of Zero Hold Up Filter Press

Diameter of Plate No. of Plates Output LPH Plate Height Filtering Area m² Cake Holding Space m³ Motor Size of Pump Plate Thickness
8 4 250 25mm 0.1507 0.002893 1 H.P. ½” 1.2mm
8 6 400 25mm 0.1886 0.004340 1 H.P. ½” 1.2mm
8 8 500 25mm 0.2260 0.00579 1 H.P. ½” 1.2mm
14 8 1000 38mm 0.6130 0.02778 2 H.P. 1″ 1.2mm
14 10 1200 38mm 0.7960 003472 2 H.P. 1″ 1.2mm
18S 8 2500 50mm 1.160 0.05007 3 H.P. 1 ½” 1.5mm
18D 15 5000 25mm 2.169 0.04050 3 H.P. 1 ½” 1.5mm
18D 12 4000 50mm 1.745 0.07801 3 H.P. 1 ½” 1.5mm
18S 23 7000 25mm 3.338 0.06349 3 H.P. 1 ½” 1.5mm
24D 10 9000 2.53 0.14256 5 H.P. 2″ 1.5mm
24S 18 16200 4.37 0.1132 5 H.P. 2″ 1.5mm
24D 13 11700 3.22 0.18533 5 H.P. 2″ 1.5mm
24S 24 21000 5.75 0.15081 5 H.P. 2″ 1.5mm


  1. The flow rate is mentioned in terms of water with 5% activated carbon with filter media as polypropylene cloth.
  2. Filtration rated depends on viscosity of liquids, quality of filter pads and nature of sediments in liquid to be filtered.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.