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Filter Press Machine uses for the filtration of liquid and solid compound uses in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and agriculture industry. The Filter Assembly consists filtration plates and holding tank connected with motor and pump for flow of the liquid. This is continuous motion equipment which provide proper filtration of the liquid. This machine is also called as Sparkle Filter Press and Zero Hold Up Filter Press.

Salient Features of Filter Press

  • Maintenance can be done without lifting the cartridge, only done has to be lifted.

  • Fast and easy removal of filter plate cartridge for cleaning cake.

  • Filtrate without scavenging operations.

  • Liquid not remains between the tank and cartridge.

  • Possibility of high working pressure.

  • Uniform distribution of cake and filtrate.

Process Operation of Filter Press

The direction of liquid flow is pumped through the central channel of the cartridge from the bottom of the body. Suspended particles are retained on the filter media resting on the filter plates, clean filtrates emerges out from the side holes of the plates in the tank and comes out from the bottom outlet. Filter tank wall does not come in the contact of the liquids, hence remains clean. Cake filtrates and solids remain completely within the fully closed filter plate cartridge. The cake filtrates and solids remain completely within the fully closed filter plate cartridge. Complete recovery of the filtrate is possible by passing air or inert gas through the bottom inlet to dry the cake and get clean empty tank.

Technical Specification of Filter Press

Type Dia.of Plate No.of Plates Capacity Ltrs. per Hour Filtering Area m² Cake Space m³
8” 4 250 0.1507 0.002893

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.