A rotating vibrational sifting system called a “Vibro Sifter” is intended to provide sorting, scaling, and scoring procedures for all applications in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and cement sectors.

As a result, this is the complete equipment you need when processing calls for separating, scalping, and grading. The Vibro sifter procedure is intended to carry out isolation, gradient, and scalping tasks when attached to a vibratory sifting equipment.

Lab Vibro Sifter Machine

The Lab Vibro Sifter Machine is perfect for the manufacturing of small quantities of pharmaceutical ingredients as well as the study of pharmacy schools, research & design laboratories due to its high efficiency and small scale.

It operates under the “Gyratory Motion” theory. The mixture is positioned in the middle of the screen, and when the small particles move through it, they move along a spiral pattern to the edge. Since no further effort is made to separate the coarser particles, the material being screened is being separated mathematically. There is hardly any abrasion used during the gentle sifting process.

In a variety of applications, this provides the three primary functions for both dry and moist granulation.

This technique is frequently used in businesses other than the pharmaceutical industry.

Many of these businesses provide coverage for a variety of industries, including cement, food processing, and oil.

Main Uses of Vibro Sifter in Material Processing

The Vibro sieve’s main goals should ideally change according on usage. The nature and design of the machine also have a role in this.

1. Sifting or Rebolting:

In essence, as the name implies, this is one of the primary implementations of this specific sort of computer.

2. Scalping:

Another crucial location where a check screen is placed is here.

This typically involves removing lumps or a wide range of undesirable foreign items from a material that is more polished than the scalping sheet.

3. Proof Sifting:

This is the last guarantee of the drug’s constancy.

As a result, this gadget provides a final assessment of the good in many industries once the entire manufacturing cycle is complete.

4. Screening or Grading:

It’s yet another crucial use for the Vibro Sifter.

Simply put, screening or scoring refers to the process of identifying an item based on its real dimensions.

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Advantage of Vibro Sifter Machine

  1. portable, small design.
  2. Ensure a low noise level and quick service.
  3. energy-saving equipment.
  4. uses a flame-resistant engine material.
  5. constructed from premium stainless steel.
  6. better dust handling capacity.
  7. Other screen configurations exist, including double and triple.

An efficient tool that filters, separates, or sieves materials to the required particle size for either immediate use or additional processing is a vibro sifter. As you have seen, the machines shake the sieves using vibratory motion to produce the desired outcome.

There is a huge range of styles and forms for machinery. But you must invest in top-notch, effective, and CGMP compliance equipment.