• Talcum Powder Manufacturing Plant


Adinath International is one of leading talcum powder manufacturing plant manufacturer in India. Our state-of-art body talc powder production plant is a combination of various machines to make the entire body talc production process a breeze. As a trusted exporter of talc powder manufacturing plant, we offers both automatic and semi-automatic talcum powder production plants to our global clientele.

Also known as talcum powder production plant, the system comprises necessary machines to perform air cleaning, powder filling, induction sealing, capping and labeling operations. Our baby powder production plant consist below mentioned series of equipments:

Airjet Cleaning Machine

Elegant in appearance and compact in design, our all-round airjet cleaning machine is cGMP compliant and consists of contact parts which are made of FDA approved materials or 316L stainless steel. It can clean glass and plastic bottles/jars/containers for non-sterile products such as dry syrup, bulk packing for tablets and capsules to name a few. The machine uses airjet and vacuum method for cleaning purposes.

Airjet Cleaning Machine

Talcum Powder Filling Machine

As the name suggests this machine performs the talcum powder filling process. It fills talcum powder into PET bottles. Depending upon certain factors such as bottle diameter, powder type, powder fill volume and neck diameter, this machine is capable of filling up to 80 containers per minute.

Injectable Powder Filling Rubber Stoppering Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

This machine is also commonly known as bottle capper. Made of high-end M.S frame structure and SS claddings or enclosures, the machine exhibits stainless steel finish as well. Our ROPP bottle cap sealing machine has an orientation type cap feeder for seamless feeding. Apt to be used for variedly sized bottles and ROPP capping by just changing a very few parts, the machine is widely used across various industries apart from the dairy industry. It is best-suited for enterprises wanting to automate their low volume production process.

Bottle Capping Machine Manufacturers & Suppliers

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Our bottle labeling machine is well-suited for efficient and high speed labeling purposes. With an exceptional micro processor control label dispensing mechanism, the machine can easily distinguish between the product and label and it is idea for labeling a variety of jars, cans, bottles and containers. You do not need to change any parts for different sized bottles.

Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine Suppliers in India