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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing Plants are useful in the production sanitizers, emulsion & disinfectants. Our sanitizer manufacturing plants are quite in demand due to its high end features that are preferred by professional sanitizer manufacturers.

Our sanitizer production plants complies major standards such as WHO-GMP, cGMP compliances. Stay competitive by choosing our sanitizer making machine that offers optimum outputs, easy operation and operator friendly. Sanitizer production plant manufactured by us comes with key systems including the following:

Sanitizer Manufacturing Vessel

The main sanitizer manufacturing vessel is equipped with a unique agitator assembly and it has a slow speed anchor agitator. Contra rotating or semi-contra rotating vessels are preferred to achieve top-notch quality of shampoos. The main shampoo manufacturing vessel has dished bottom and the top of the vessel is welded as well as dished. The machine also features a number of nozzles, valves, and manholes.

Premixing Vessel

The premixing vessel is also a cylindrical vessel with dished bottom and top. The top is welded as well. This vessel is provided with a high-speed cowl or saw cutting type agitator and if need be it can also be provided with a high-speed homogenizer. You can choose to have a single premixing vessel or 2 vessels according to your needs. There is also a jacket for heating purposes.

Storage Vessel

This vessel is used for the storage of sanitizer and it has the same capacity as the manufacturing vessel. The bottom valve of the vessel is high-end din fittings and since you may need to store different shampoo types, you can have multiple storage vessels.

Pumps & Pipelines

The shampoo production line is also equipped with pumps that are used to move material from premixing vessel to the manufacturing vessel. Transfer pumps are needed to transfer surfactants to premix or main vessel, main vessel to storage vessel and from storage vessel to the filling machine. The pipeline of herbal sanitizer making machine is electro-polished and all joints are DIN standards compliant.

Control Panel & Automation

The control panel is featured with advanced starters, lamps, circuit breakers, and push buttons. Its PLC based automation and pneumatically operated valves ensure smooth operation at all times.

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Production Capacity of Sanitizer Plant

We manufacture Sanitizer manufacturing plant in capacity ranging from 10 liters to 50000 liters.

Our 2000 liters sanitizer plant is must sought in large production requirements whereas our 500 liters sanitizer production plant is looking after in mid range productions.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.