• Fully Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine


Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine or Plastic Tube Filler perform filling, sealing and batch coding operations. With ten stations and twelve stations models machine offers variety of speed options. Rotary structure of machine made from high grade casting materials enable vibration free working. Filling unit is made from precisely built filling pump for higher filling accuracy. Sealing station equipped with high temperature heater and perfectly shaped cutters for smooth sealing operations. Two hopper models available for multi color product filling. Optionally nitrogen gas flushing before and after product filling can be done as per user requirements.

Adinath International is leading automatic plastic tube filling machine manufacturer in India offers LAMI tube filling machines. As rotary in design machine covers small area and can easily fit in compact room.  No tube – no fill feature is incorporated in equipment to nullify chance of material wastage. Special drip free syringe designed to remove chances of material droplets from filling  needles. Automatic plastic tube filler machine fills viscous and semi viscous both type of materials such as adhesives, shaving creams, solvents, cosmetics & chemical products. We are having two variants in this machine in which PTFM 30 single head tube filling machine fills up to 30 per minute whereas PTFM 60 double head tube filling machine fills up to 60 per minute. This rotary tube filling machine is perfect choice for performance demanding customers in cosmetic and chemical industry. Interestingly single machine can work with plastic as well as LAMI tubes.

Features of Plastic Tube Filling Machine

  • Compact model hence less space required.
  • The pump unit has a vertical dosing system, which aids in easy suction.
  • Bottom-up filling coupled with shut-off nozzle ensures accurate & clean fill without air entrapment.
  • Multi product filling can be offered with double hopper models.
  • Possibility to attach Inkjet printers for printing operations.
  • Hopper size can be offered as per individual process requirements.
  • Nitrogen gas flushing can be offered optionally.
  • Rotary design hence less space occupy.
  • Easy to operate and less maintenance requires.
  • Hot air blowing system of in house as well of reputed brand can be offered.
  • Vacuum cleaning of tubes offered to remove any dust particles inside tubes.
  • Orientation for eye mark tubes can be offered as per requirements.
  • Simplified design of loading cassettes hence minimum chance of rejection.
  • Tool-less adjustments coupled with faster reproduction of settings (aided by position indicators and tri-clover fittings) make changeover quite effortless.
  • Product level sensor, centralised lubrication and a host of safety features like detection of reverse tube, jammed tube, air pressure drop etc. are part of basic machine.

Working Principle of Automatic Plastic Tube Filling Machine

Working Principle of the machine is semi mechanical and pneumatic. The machine has a rotary table made of aluminum in which the sockets of different tube sizes can be placed, This rotary table is systematically indexed and timed to perform operation on different stages.  The machine being automatic in which operator has to load cassette with tubes in bulk, then tubes are collected one by one at a time and loaded automatically in the rotary aluminum dish. Further during indexing of the tubes Vacuum Cleaning, Filling, Hot Air Blowing, Sealing & Trimming operations performed. Below is the details of process machine follows sequentially:

Loading Section:

This section is pneumatically operated and has a vacuum cup that collects the tube and a fixing arm drives the tubes to the socket placed on the rotating dish.


In the the station the loaded tubes is orientated to its face as per the eye mark provided on the tube. There are two individual motors along with eye mark sending units which direct the stepper motor to stop on sending the eye mark line.

Vacuum Cleaning:

This section has a diving nozzle which is attached to the vacuum pump which helps in cleaning of the tubes for any foreign object.


This is mechanically operated section which has a plain hopper capacity of 35 liters. The positive section filler sucks the set desired volume of ointment/cream and dispense it in the tube, later to be cut off by an pneumatic air operated device. This ensures clean seal area and weight accuracy in each and every tube. The filling section is suitable to fill 10 grams to 250 grams.

Hot Air Blowing:

In this section the upper internal layer of the tube is blowed by pre-heated air that is passed through a heater (“Liester” make) of 2.5 K.W. and capable of heating up to 700 degrees, the temperature is controlled by digital (PID) temperature controller and the Air Pressure controlled by air regulator and Pressure Gauges. This section also ensures that the air blown does not come in direct contact with the filled material. There is constant water circulation on the outer SS part where the tubes have chances to come in contact with. The part being under room temperature keeps the outer print of the tube intact.


This is a pneumatically operated area, it has straight lined sealing jaws with on jaw being capable of holding 10 digits for embossing on the tube when it is sealed.


This also is a pneumatically operated section which trims the upper excess layer of the sealed tube to provide it a clean smooth finish.

Technical Specification of Automatic LAMI Tube Filling Machine

Machine Model PTFM – 30 PTFM – 60
Production Rate: Up to 30 Tubes/Minute Up to 60 Tubes/Minute
No. of Filling Head Single Double
No. of Stations Twelve Twelve
Filling Range 10ml to 200ml 10ml to 200ml
Power Supply ·        Main Motor: 1 H.P.

·        Water Pump: 0.25 H.P.

·        Vacuum Pump: 0.5 H.P.

·        Heater: 2.5 K.W.

·        Main Motor: 1.5 H.P.

·        Water Pump: 0.50 H.P.

·        Vacuum Pump: 1 H.P.

·        Heater: 5 K.W.

Power Voltage 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System 440 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
Change Parts: ·        Aluminum Sockets,

·        Brass Blower

·        SS Water Circulator

·        Aluminum Sockets,

·        Brass Blower

·        SS Water Circulator

Sealer: Straight Lines with one side capable of holding 10 digits for embossing Straight Lines with one side capable of holding 10 digits for embossing
All Contact Parts (Cream) Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel 316
Machine Covering Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel 304
Orientation Device: Through Stepper Motor with color photo sensors and drive to control the speed of the motor. Through Stepper Motor with color photo sensors and drive to control the speed of the motor.
Indexing: Geneva type, 12 Stations Geneva type, 12 Stations

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.