One of the pieces of equipment required in various industrial and laboratory procedures is the vibro sifter. By separating materials according to their particle sizes, it is used to grade raw resources. The ideal screening device for this is a circular unitary gyratory screen, also known as a vibrating sifter, control sieve, vibro sieve, or check screen. Depending on the need or use in particular activities, the Vibro Sifter is available in a wide variety of combinations, designs, capabilities, etc.

A vibro sifter is not uncommon in the pharmaceutical or food processing industries, and there are various types of them based on size, the quantity of sieves, and the equipment’s intended use.

Working Principle of Vibro Sifter:

The gyro principle underlies how Vibro Sifter operates. The term “gyro” in this context refers to gyroscopic motion, or an object’s propensity to maintain its rotational orientation. Gyratory motion is produced in machines by a specialised gyro motor that is mounted beneath the vibrating assembly. With the aid of a gyro-motor, a robust spring that has been particularly constructed isolates this assembly from the base totally. For the purpose of producing centrifugal force, the motor is equipped with eccentric weights at both its top and bottom. An SS plate covers the entire assembly.

  • Vibro Sifter Machine in Pharmaceutical Applications

Assembling a Gyro Machine:

SS 316 sheet is also used to hide the deck hopper. On the hopper, there is a discharge port where the tangential discharge can be collected.

The top lid’s conical form is coupled to a charging port. Between the hopper and top lid, there is a screen installed. Both the inside and outside of the machine are mirror polished.

How Does Vibro Sifter Machine Work ?

First, we feed the machine with the material we want to separate. The machine is fed through the hopper. The remainder of the components, including the cover, screen structure, and base frame, are then confirmed to be tightly clamped. When the machine is powered up, the vibrating motor creates motion, which causes the screen or sieve to begin moving. Depending on the size of the particle, the material for separation now begins to move towards the sieve. They exit the machine from the other end in a continuous stream.

Vibro Sifter Application In Pharma Companies:

Given that it is employed in the final procedure, the vibro sifter is one of the essential parts for the pharmaceutical industry. Vibro sifters guarantee purity and provide guaranteed particles in the final product.

We are all aware that accuracy is essential when producing medications because even a small change in the amount of a raw material will affect how well the medication works. Therefore, it can be employed not only in final operations but also while removing two or more constituents from a combination in order to weigh and form pellets. Therefore, pharma businesses require such equipment. This machine is also used by the food and beverage industries in addition to pharmaceuticals.

The Conclusion:

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