Before their finished product is ready to be distributed in retail pharmacy stores, pharmaceutical businesses need a variety of machines for manufacturing and packaging operations. Conventional Coating Pan is one such significant contributing machine. This is a historic way of coating film or sugar on the drug depending on the situation, as the name would imply. The use of a coating pan allows for the creation of an aqueous or organic film layer around the pellets. A semi-ellipsoidal pan with a circular cover is one of the parts of this device that makes it easier to charge and discharge tablets. A motor and gear are used to rotate this pan. Additionally, it features a hot air blowing mechanism inside that aids in evaporating the drug pellet’s moisture content.

Types and Processes of Coating Pan:

Film coating and sugar coating are the two primary coating techniques employed by pharmaceutical companies. The traditional method of covering the bulk pills with sugar is called sugar coating. Six different processes make up the complicated multistage process of sugar coating. The tablet core must first be sealed, then it must be smoothed, subcoated, coloured, polished, and finally printed.

In contrast, a polymer coating is present on the outside of tablets, capsules, etc. in film coating. This sort of coating simply requires one step, unlike sugar coating. Typically, a single spray of a polymer, solvent, colourant, or plasticizer is used to coat medications. The medication is sprayed with the solution inside the revolving cover, and then it is dried. A thin coating film remains on the pellets after drying, and extra solvent is removed.

The traditional coating pans come in three different varieties. There are perforated coating pans in addition to regular coating pans.

  • Tablet Coating Pan

Pellegrini Pan:

This kind of pan comes in a variety of sizes that range from 10-1000 kg. Baffled pans and diffusers can both be used with Pellegrini Pans. This particular fan and diffuser setup aids in even heat distribution. The only way to manoeuvre this pan is with sugar coating; film coating cannot be used. This restriction is caused by the pan’s inability to heat the solution properly, which prevents it from drying uniformly in the film coating pattern.

Immersion Sword Coating Pan:

They are additionally divided into the PLG and GS systems. The way hot air enters and leaves the system causes them to be different. The intake of the PLG system is through a sword construction. The plenum removes exhaust air from the system. The plenum serves as the GS system’s input, while two perforated systems let exhaust air out.

Conventional Coating Pan Industrial Use:

The pharmaceutical and food industries both greatly benefit from the coating pan. Pharma is a highly regulated sector that requires automation and sophisticated machinery to reduce the possibility of error. Therefore, such devices are required for a firm dosing.

The Bottom Line:

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