The pharmaceutical sector, the food processing industry, or any other industry where equipment is employed more than physical labour to carry out the process, there are certain types of machinery & equipment that have their own distinct principles that are advantageous for diverse industries. And some equipment from various industries, such as the ampoule labelling machine, sticker labelling machine, bottle labelling machine, and vial labelling machine, operates according to specific principles; these machines are used to complete the labelling process on various kinds of bottles, ampoules, and vials, among other things. The concepts of several types of labelling machines are explained in the following points for a better understanding of these devices.

The sticker labelling machine needs a certain set of rules to function properly throughout its complete system. Then, the object or container that has to be branded is placed on the sticker labelers, which operate at a specific speed on the machine’s conveyor. The technological fixture of the machine splits the things at a predetermined space, allowing the system to push the inserted item to the intended direction of the conveyor. This is another operating concept of the sticker labeler. So, some important components of the sticker labelling machine are the driving wheel, labelling wheel, and reel.

Vial Sticker Labeling Machine


The infeed hopper unit of the equipment, where the ampoules are to be delivered to the feed worm, is where ampoules are directly loaded in terms of how ampoule labelers operate. The feed worm’s job is to revolve around the turning star wheel. The ampoules are identified one by one during further processing using this star wheel. A crucial component of the ampoule labelling machine’s operation is the pressing unit, which is another significant component of the apparatus.

Horizontal Ampoule Test Tube Labeling Machine


Bottle labelling machines must operate according to a set procedure in order for them to function properly. The item or container is first branded by keeping it on the round bottle labelling machine or any other form of bottle labeler while it is being moved along the conveyor of the machine at a specific pace. The mechanical fixture in the machine that breaks the items at a specific distance and enables the operator to push the item on the belt in a straight direction of conveyor is another aspect of the bottle labeler’s operation. Thus, the labelling wheel and reel are two crucial parts of a machine that labels bottles with stickers.


The vial sticker labeler operates according to a series of rules, one of which is that the vials are put onto the conveyor, which is the machine’s primary component. Once the vials are put on the conveyor, they are immediately transported to another level where they are individually labelled using a labelling tool. The labelling tool’s job is to assist in applying the vial stickers so that the vials may be recognised when processed via the vial sticker labeler.

Bottle Labeler

Here are some of the main principles of machines like ampoule labelling machines, sticker labelling machines, bottle labelling machines, and vial sticker labelers that make them preferable for different industries. As there are a set of working principles for every machine of the industries, the machine has to work according to that.