• Syrup and Liquid Oral Mixer


Syrup and oral suspension mixer is used for the production of syrups and suspensions. This includes pharmaceutical syrups, oral liquid suspensions and other suspensions. There are myriads of applications of syrup mixing vessels including-

  • Sugar syrup manufacturing
  • Emulsion manufacturing
  • Oral suspension manufacturing
  • Other oral liquids manufacturing

Our oral suspension mixers come with an electric control panel that displays values such as current and product temperature in a digital manner. Made of 304, 316 and 316L stainless steel materials our syrup mixing vessels come in a variety of capacity ranges such as 5 liters to 20000 liters. Our syrup and suspension mixer comprises of a closed circuit with industrialized capacity to feed sugar and water phase. The sugar syrup vessel also comes with a high speed stirrer and electrical heating system. All material transfers take place with the help of vacuum.

What more? Even the discharge height can be customized according to the user requirement and since it comes with heavy duty legs there is no need to invest in a separate foundational structure.

Adinath International is a trusted manufacturer of syrup and liquid oral mixer machine in India. We are known for offering syrup making machines that come handy in the production of syrups, oral liquid syrups and suspensions. As a leading supplier of syrup and liquid oral mixer, our liquid syrup tanks are FDA approved and have all contact parts made of premium quality SS 316 materials. They are extremely popular in the pharmaceutical industry and are widely uses for applications such as manufacturing of oral liquids, suspensions and sugar syrups.

As a premier syrup and liquid oral mixer supplier, our offerings extend to sugar syrup filtration machine and syrup transfer pump which can be attached with the syrup mixer for inline operations. Our gamut of syrup and liquid oral mixer capacity runs from 10 liters to 10,000 liters. As an end to end solution provider, we also offer automatic syrup manufacturing plants with various parts and necessary validation support. Our syrup and liquid oral mixer are uses for a variety of applications such as sugar syrup manufacturing, oral suspensions manufacturing, oral liquids manufacturing, emulsions manufacturing, and inverted sugar syrups manufacturing.

Salient Features of Syrup Mixer

  • Sugar melting vessel equipped with a mixing stirrer.
  • Syrup manufacturing vessel with stirrer.
  • Storage tank with stirrer.
  • Top mounted stirrer.
  • Equipped with helical type gearbox.
  • Castor wheels provided for enhanced portability of the equipment.
  • Basket filter and transfer pump.
  • Automatic control panel.
  • Zero hold up filter press.

Technical Specification of Liquid Oral Mixer

Description Specification
Capacity 5 Liters to 20000 Liters
Power Supply 0.5 H. P. to 75 H. P.
Power Voltage 440 volts, 3 phase, 50 hertz
Gearbox Helical type / similar
Stirrer Type Pitch Type Stirrer
Stirrer MOC Stainless Steel 304/316/316L
Stirrer RPM 150 RPM adjustable through VFD
Stirrer Mounting Orientation Top Mounted
No. of blades Two
Shaft Diameter Suitable Diameter

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.