• Pneumatic Stirrer Agitator


Pneumatic Stirrer Agitator is also called pneumatic mixer, air mixer or air operated agitator. This machine uses compressed air or air bubbles rather than electricity to homogenize powders or other materials. Blenders in this machine comprise a mixing silo or at times a conveyor tube with an inverted conical deflector that is facilitated at the top for spreading the material properly. This type of agitator uses for the products which are flammable and can not work with induction motor. Agitator is widely uses for tablet coating solution in pharmaceutical industry.

Working Principle of Pneumatic Agitator

You will find aerators mounted around the housing cone of the machine. In order to achieve optimum mixing the air flow has to increase or decrease. There is agitator with shaft and paddles connected through air vane motor. This agitator operated through air motor pressure. More the pressure of the air, higher the RPM you will get. RPM varies according to air pressure provided onto Air Motor.

There are a number of determiners for the amount of air needed for fluidizing the system which are particle size and density, bulk density of the solid, and density of the gas that is to be used for fluidization purposes.

You must know that pneumatic mixing vessels may differ in terms of geometry, agitator type and configuration.

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Technical Specification of Pneumatic Stirrer Agitator


Shell 2mm thick, Stainless Steel 316
Bottom Dish 2mm thick, Stainless Steel 316
Top Loose Lid 1.5mm thick, Stainless Steel 316
·        Bottom Support Through Pipe Legs
·        No. of legs 4 Nos.
·        Material Stainless Steel 304
·        Specification 3” NB SCH10
Nozzle (Triclover End) Stainless Steel 316
Castor Wheels 2 with brake and 2 without brakes (PU make wheels)
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316
Non-Contact Parts Stainless Steel 304
Surface Finish
·        Internal Finish Matt Finish
·        External Finish

Matt Finish

Agitation Assembly

Description Specification
Stirrer Type Propeller Type Stirrer
Stirrer MOC Stainless Steel 316
Mounting Orientation Top Mounted
No. of blades Two
Type of Motor Pneumatic Motor

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.