• Heavy Duty Toothpaste Mixer
  • Heavy Duty Toothpaste Mixer


Heavy Duty Toothpaste Mixer offered by us is designed for achieving optimum mixing of paste in a consistent fashion. This mixer is apt for those looking for maximum productivity at lower operational costs.

Contra rotary mixing vessel is quite popular owing to its productive capabilities. It consists of two blades that flow in opposite directions, which means one of these moves clockwise while the other moves in anticlock wise direction. Paddled form blades facilitate continual movement of the material back to the centre of the container. You will also find two shafts i.e. hollow and solid shafts in the toothpaste making machine offered by us.

As the name suggests the contra rotary mixing vessel offers contra rotary motion which provides homogeneous and uniform mixing of viscous products. All contact parts are made of SS314 or SS306 materials while all non-contact parts are made of mild steel material. Owing to its compact size, the machine is apt for those who have space related issues. Designed keeping safety aspects in mind this toothpaste making machine comes with elegant control panel and there is no air contamination in vessel due to vacuum operation.

Contra rotary mixing vessel manufactured by us is designed to withstand high vacuum for perfect mixing and there is a jacket for cooling and heating purposes. You will also find a digital temperature indicator to display the product temperature. 

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Design & Construction of Toothpaste Mixer

Toothpaste Mixer Consists of a Main Manufacturing Vessel also known as contra mixer. Contra Mixer as the name suggest works on the principle of Contra rotation of blades for simultaneous beating and scraping operation. The mixer is highly versatile and mostly used for manufacturing Tooth paste, Creams, Cosmetics and other viscous products.

The Mixing Assembly consists of series of paddle type blades of appropriate shape to move the material back towards the centre of the container. The paddle type blades are provided on the central shaft which runs through a hollow shaft on which other sets of blades are welded. Both the sets of blades intermeshes with each other and rotates in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction respectively and one sets also scraps the container wall for thorough and uniform mixing of the material.

The mixer is so designed to withstand high vacuum applied during the process for optimum mixing. Contra Mixer is provided with a jacket for cooling or heating as per the application. The vessel shall have a shell of suitable thickness with a hemispherical bottom and flanged top dish made out of S.S. 316 plate. The vessel shall be jacketed with MS jacket (SS304 jacket provided on extra cost on demand, if required) of suitable with stiffeners suitable for steam pressure of 4 to 5 Kg/cm 2. The jacket shall be insulated with 50 mm thick glass wool insulation and shall be cladded with 16 SWG M.S. or SS304 material. The vessel shall be suitable for 600 to 700 mm of Hg vacuum and internal pressure of 3 Kgs/cm2.

Salient Features of Toothpaste Mixing Machine

  • Hard Chrome plated HYDRAULIC CLINDERS (2 Nos.).
  • Limit switches at upper and lower limits.
  • Power pack with direction control valve by actuated.
  • All contact part are made out of SS 304/SS316 quality material.
  • Compact design requires comparatively smaller floor space.
  • Product container mounted on mounting lugs or legs as required by customer.
  • Hydraulic power pack with cylinders are provided for lowering and lifting movement of top cover with stirrer’s drive assembly will be achieved through hydraulic lifting system for easy of cleaning and changeover of products.
  • Fixed product container for safe operation during mixing.
  • Product container having hemispherical shape bottom.
  • As stirrer is a top driven and sealing doesn’t comes in contact with product, there is any black particle contamination problem.
  • Steam circulation jacket for mixing bowl, to heat the product during operation & water circulation facility to cool the product during or after mixing. (Made out of mild steel or SS304, as per customer requirement)
  • All Non-contact parts (general structure) made out of mild steel (SS304 provided on demand, on extra cost) and cladded with SS304 or chrome plated or made out of SS304 in GMP Model Contact parts are polished to the mirror finished and non-contact parts are polished to the matt finished in GMP Model.
  • All safety guards & covers made out of SS304 material in GMP model & made out of mild steel & painted in standard model.
  • General structure & all non-contact parts are made out of mild steel & same will painted in Standard Model.
  • Digital temperature indicator provided to indicate the temperature.

Special Features of Toothpaste Mixer

  • Machine design as per the vacuum application for de-airation of mixing container, to remove air bubbles from the product during mixing for GEL products. (Vacuum System) vacuum pump is not in our scope of supply.
  • Insulation will be provided on jacket of Container. The insulation will be covered with M.S. material in standard model and SS304 material in GMP model.
  • Material discharge from bottom. Flush bottom valve provided for material discharge.
  • M/C provided with Light glass, Sight glass, material Intel, water intel, steam & washing water intel, air suction valve for vacuum, vacuum gauge etc.
  • Mixing assembly have two speed facility. Variable speed drive facility for mixing assembly will be provided on extra cost, as an OPTIONAL facility.
  • Digital Timer for Batch time setting.
  • Ampere Meter for main motor.

Optional Feature of Toothpaste Making Machine

  • “PLC” based operating panel for automation.
  • Variable speed drive for main motor for variable rpm of mixing assembly.
  • Online sampling port to take sample of product during mixing.
  • Inline homogenizer or Colloid Mill.