• Ointment Filling Line


Ointment Filling Line also called as ointment manufacturing line known for its proven performance across cosmetic industry verticals. Adinath is pioneering ointment production line manufacturer in India with modern infrastructure to produce automated lines. This production line is well-suited for the manufacuring of number of creams and ointments including creams, ointment, lotion, pain-killer ointments, and gels of all types. Ointment and cream filling line is a comprehensive set-up used to organize the entire production process seamlessly. Line’s manufacturing capabilities includes production, filling, capping and labeling. Apparently, machines are apt for a number of other industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries.

The machine is quite sought after in both pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries owing to the following features:

Features of Ointment Filling Line

  • Interconnected equipments to work as one complete system.
  • Machine design with easy to clean approach.
  • Minimum human involvement needed.
  • Very little vacuum drop during the mixing and blending process.
  • Uniquely designed to address all crucial factors directly or indirectly affecting the production quality.
  • Ideal for the production of variegated ointments, lotions, gels, emulsions. toothpastes and homogenizations.

Cream Filling Line comprises below mentioned array of equipments:

Ointment and Cream Production Plant

Ointment Manufacturing Plant is an ideal tool for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste & other emulsions & homogenizations. It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the Ointment/Creams. Minimum man handling of Ointment. Negligible vacuum drop during mixing & blending. Needless to say, it also provides the benefits of the effective manpower utilization.

Tube Filling Machine

As the name suggests this machine is used to fill viscous and semi-viscous products into soft plastic or flexible compound tubes. This is best-suited for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverage industry.

Cream Filling Machine

Very commonly used in the cosmetic industry, cream filling machine is also used across many other industries including chemical, food and allied. It has a monoblock design which is space saving despite the presence of filling and screw capping modules on the same base with a common drive for filling and sealing purposes. The state-of-the-art construction of this machine also comprises rotary filler with all pistons that can be adjusted for different volumes simply by accessing twin cams tracks. With built-in features such as sealing module flawlessly in line with the filling and sealing operations, makes this machine a must have. Also, the automatic cap feeder based on a different column prevents the dust and/or dust particles from entering the filled bottles.

Cream Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle Capping Machine

Also called the bottle capper, this machine is constructed with a particularly designed with a stainless steel finish inclusive of an M.S frame structure constructed with SS cladding or enclosures. Our ROPP bottle cap sealing machine is furnished with an orientation type cap feeder for continual feeding of cap for online operation of liquid and powder filling. The machine is not only capable of managing variedly sized bottles, but also ROPP capping by needing to change just a few parts.

Bottle Labeling Machine

This machine showcasing a simple linear design mechanism design is also called self-adhesive sticker labeling machine. Equipped with an ultra-modern micro processor control label dispensing mechanism with a meticulously designed sensor system, the machine demonstrates phenomenal capabilities to label bottles, jars, tins and other container types. Optional transparent label system can be provided on demand.