The dry granulation technique is now thought to be a crucial step in the production Roller Compactor of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, a roller compactor is crucial since it turns the raw material into a fine powder. The procedure pushes the raw ingredients into a solid, compact shape between two counters while the roll is rotating. Particle consistency, higher bulk density, excellent yield, and environmentally benign operation are all guaranteed by roller compactors.

Pharma For the creation of fine powder, roller compactors are frequently employed in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Basically, there are three main processes in the roller compaction process: Feeding system, compactor, and finally size reduction

Roller Compactor

Roller Compactor

Advantages of Roller Compactor

  • because roller compactors are simple to regulate the process.
  • It may be more easily reduced to a fine powder using a roller compactor.
  • Higher efficiency is provided by roller compactor, which is a continuous process.
  • The roller compactor is simple to use and makes the dry granulation process very simple.
  • It is utilised in the creation of instant powder, antibiotics, tablets, and capsules.
  • The Roller Compactor is a versatile, inexpensive to run equipment.
  • It gives the press rollers a steady supply of powder.

Why use Faytec Roller Compactor?

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  • The roller compactor is provided by Faytec with all complete CGMP.
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  • From lab scale to commercial parts, Faytec offers a variety of roller compactor machines.
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