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Ribbon blender mixers are useful and sought after blenders which are mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The machine has a U-shaped shell in which you will find a rotating agitator. Ribbon blenders are fairly simple in construction and operation. It is pretty robust and offers a decent mixing performance owing to which it is considered perfect for powders and solids mixing. Ribbon mixers are available in a wide array of sizes and capacities ranging from just a few litres to several cubic meters.

Adinath International is a leading ribbon blender supplier and exporter in India. As a premier manufacturer of ribbon blenders in India, our range of ribbon blenders is vastly uses for dry powder blending for pharmaceuticals, dyes, chemicals, spices, food, pesticides, minerals and ayurvedic herbs & medicines to name a few. This blender is well-suited for the blending of solids in which materials are less free flowing. Our blenders boast of a sturdy and efficient design. It comprises a U-shaped horizontal trough with a double helical ribbon agitator that rotates inside.

Depending upon the application, the gap between the inner wall of the container and ribbon’s outer edge varies between 3 and 6 mm. Vertical powder mixers are known for an efficient and quick blending owing to its proven agitator construction. This equipment truly stands out because of the ribbons’ dimensions and configurations that help avoid any dead spots and offer quick product discharge.

A great alternative of this ribbon blender is the paddle agitator. This is best-suited for batches as small as 15 percent of the total capacity. This equipment with paddle design is also ideal for friable materials.

Adinath’s International offers ribbon blender machine which is exceptionally efficient and versatile when it comes to homogeneous mixing of dry granules and powders.

Features of Ribbon Blender

  • Single speed drive.
  • Available for various working capacities between 5 to 25000 liters.
  • Advanced flush bottom discharge valve located in the centre.
  • Worm reduction gearbox.
  • Suited for atmospheric operation .
  • Stainless steel surfaces polished with utmost finesse. Exterior walls are painted with top-notch enamel paint.
  • Three phase induction motors ideal for 415 volts and 50 Hz.
  • Adequate discharge clearance owing to the blender mounted on supports.
  • Shaft sealing options available as per your specific requirements. Gland packing and double mechanical seal can be made available too.
  • Many other features.

Working Principle of Ribbon Blender

Ribbon blenders are also known as U trough mixers and they demonstrate a simple and yet effective mixing operation methodology. These blenders work on two major principles- convective mixing and diffusion. Convective mixing can be understood as macro movement of large sized solids. The other type of mixing, diffusion mixing takes place when individual particles in front of the ribbon move in a particular direction and the nearby particles do not move at all or lag behind.

The horizontal mixing vessel of the rubber blender is fed with the material from top by using the feeding devices provided and mounted near the cover. Since the horizontal ribbon blender causes material movements in different directions, you can expect astonishingly perfect homogeneous mixing. There are one or more discharge valves provided for material discharge.

Applications of Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender uses in wide range of applications such as food products, cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical exciepents. We are giving here below detail industry wise usage of ribbon blenders:

Pharmaceuticals Application: Bulk Drugs, API and Nutraceuticals

Cosmetics Application: Talcum Powder, Eye shadow, Face powders, Laundry detergents

Chemicals Application: Dyes, Intermediates, Pigments, Pesticides, Fine Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Abrasives, Engineered plastic resins, Epoxy resins, Carbon black, Fire retardants, Polyethylene, Chemicals, Gypsum, PVC compounding, Cleaning compounds, Plastic powders

Food Appliactions: Infant formula, Cocoa mix, Instant salad dressing, Cake mixes, Seasonings, Flavorings, Gelatin,    Milk Powder, Pet foods, Bakery premixes, Cake mixes, Instant breakfast cereals, Spice blends, Dietary supplements, Instant drink blends, Spices, Dried food products

Agrculture Application: Insecticides, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Pesticides and herbicides, Bird seeds

Other Applications: Handling large Dry and wet powder volume, Crystalline products, Low-viscosity paste and liquid in chemicals

Technical Specification of Ribbon Blender

Model Gross Volume approx. Working Volume approx. Power
RM-10 10 Liters 5 Liters 0.5 H.P.
RM-50 50 Liters 20 Liters 1 H.P.
RM-75 75 Liters 50 Liters 1 H.P.
RM-150 150 Liters 100 Liters 2 H.P.
RM-250 250 Liters 150 Liters 3 H.P.
RM-450 450 Liters 300 Liters 5 H.P.
RM-600 600 Liters 450 Liters 7.5 H.P.
RM-1100 1100 Liters 750 Liters 10 H.P.
RM-1500 1500 Liters 1000 Liters 12.5 H.P.
RM-2000 2000 Liters 1250 Liters 15 H.P.
RM-3000 3000 Liters 1875 Liters 20 H.P.
RM-5000 5000 Liters 3000 Liters 25 H.P.
RM-10000 10000 Liters 6000 Liters 40 H.P.

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.