The Metal Detectors is mostly used to find metal in food or pharmaceutical industry packaging or goods. Equipment is safeguarded and compliance is controlled in the food and pharmaceutical sectors with metal detectors. A metal detector is crucial to the security of the goods. Different types of metal detection equipment have been developed depending on the intended use.

Drugs can be harmed by metal particles, even in tiny amounts, therefore detecting the metal and subsequently providing it has become crucial. Consequently, a crucial component of the pharmaceutical industry is the metal detector device.

Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors


  • A quicker and better auto-learn machine is the metal machine.
  • By using detectors, any metal contamination is reduced, assuring consumer food safety.
  • The metal detector is cost-effective since it needs minimal maintenance.
  • The metal detector is helpful in protecting the pharmaceuticals since even a little amount of metal might cause them to lose their effectiveness.
  • It is the most durable and helpful metal detector for factories.

Why Loma Lock System Inspection Metal Detector

  • A leading producer of metal detection devices globally is Loma System and Lock Inspection.
  • A consistent quality of products with minimal ownership costs are being produced by the Loma system and lock inspection.
  • The most dependable manufacturers of metal detectors are said to be Loma System and Lock Inspection.
  • A superior solution in the food sectors is made possible by Loma’s expertise and creativity in conveyorized systems.
  • The conveyor systems from Loma adhere to exacting international requirements.
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