Make the most of Bakery Equipment to Automate Dough Production

There is no denial that COVID 19 affected numerous industries across the globe and the bakery industry is no exception either, but things are gradually getting back to normal. The emphasis on social distancing and safe bakery production process is more than ever before. Bakeries across the world are trying their level best to meet the increasing demands of their customers without increasing the staff and labor costs or compromising or quality and safety. This is where dough production machines come in really handy. They require minimum human intervention and automate the entire process.

Dough is simply indispensable to the bakery industry.  Producing quality dough in a jiffy becomes a breeze if you automate the entire process by deploying a few baker dough production machines. let’s take a quick look at some of the commonly used machines for dough production.

  1. Commercial mixers

Commercial mixers are to dough as dough is to the bakery industry. Simply put, you cannot imagine a bakery without a commercial mixer. At least one heavy duty planetary mixer is necessary to prepare a number of food items inclusive of cake batters to fluffy frostings, bread dough and cookie dough. There is a provision of shaft to which an agitator is attached. The agitator rotates around the mixing bowel exactly in the same manner as planets rotate around the sun and hence the name. You can attach different types of agitators to the shaft. You will commonly see these 3 attachments-

  • Dough hook: It is used for preparing heavy mixtures such as bread and pizza doughs.
  • Beater: This is used for medium mixtures such as cake batters and cookie doughs.
  • Whisk: Used for light mixtures such as frostings and meringue.

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  1. Dough mixer

A dough mixer is a special equipment used for preparing heavy and dense mixtures such as pizza and bread doughs. This type of mixer functions exactly opposite to a planetary mixer. There is a stationary shaft around and a fixed agitator around which the bowl moves. This facilitates a more uniform distribution of heavy dough. These mixers usually have just one type of agitator. it can be a spiral shaped or s-shaped dough hook. You may also see c-shaped or J-shaped hooks which allow you to add even more ingredients without having to agitating the dough excessively.

  1. Dough sheeter

Dough sheeters are considered useful for preparing dough for pie crusts, flatbreads and croissants. Cake fondant can also be made using a dough sheeter. Dough sheeters are a popular choice because they eliminate kinks or folds you might see on the end product. You can easily create smooth and uniformly rolled dough within a short span of minutes which helps you get rid of the otherwise strenuous manual process which requires lots of muscle power and time.

  1. Dough divider

As the name suggests, this specialized equipment allows you to cut large volumes of dough in a time and cost-efficient way.

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