The employees’ safety is the top concern in any sector, and the government even publishes several guidelines to ensure that workers are safe in Containment Equipments factories, warehouses, and many other places. Operator exposure is subject to stringent controls as a result of increased safety standards and norms for the workforce. A higher level of safety is now needed of the employees due to the rise in production efficiency and the powder’s increasing activity.

Here, some of the most cutting-edge confinement options are provided by the single-use system. They have more than enough seal strength to guarantee that the product won’t escape mid-process and give adequate elongation to offer an appropriate solution to containment through a variety of processes and machines.

Containment Equipments

Containment Equipments

Advantages of Containment Equipments

  • Because of the containment system, the product never touches an exterior surface or even the employees.
  • Powder may be transported from the vessel to the drum safely and without exposure thanks to the contamination procedure, which makes sure it doesn’t come into touch.
  • Working time is reduced as a result of contamination.
  • Products for containment are highly user-friendly and straightforward in design.
  • The workers become more productive as a result.

Different types of Contamination Equipment

  • API Containment Isolator

The best levels of confinement for handling these dangerous substances are provided by API isolators. Each isolator is specifically designed to match the needs and procedures of the customer.

  • Clean-room Chamber

Given that the required opening mechanisms are included into the cleaning procedure, this cleaning chamber has a unique design. In several Pharma sectors, it serves as a cleaning chamber.

  • Ezi flow bags

For the pharmaceutical industry, Ezi-FlowTM CSV All Plastic, Single-Use High Containment System offers a highly efficient yet straightforward and disposable transfer solution.

  • Pharmaceutical charge-bags

Pharma chargebags are employed in specialised packaging processes in the pharmaceutical industry, and they are offered in both rigid and flexible varieties to accommodate the demands and preferences of all users.