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Stirrer and Agitators are the indispensable parts of chemical production. Whether it is specialty chemicals or organic chemicals agitators performs mixing & blending operations for various production activities. Design of blades & shaft can be offered as per individual process requirements. Structure & drive capacity offered suitable as per viscosity of the product to be mixed. Flameproof as well as non-flameproof enclosure offered considering characteristics of materials to be process and client’s requirements.

Adinath design and fabricate wide range of agitators for liquids and Paste for various process in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics and allied industries. Agitators provided with agitation components for process such as mixing, blending, dissolution, dispersion, homogenization, reaction, oxidation, digestion, emulsification of liquid, paste, ointment, cream, solution, viscous material and semi solid materials.

Agitators designed to adapt any vessel shape. It can be implemented with or without bottom support. Wide selection of blades available depending on the process requirements. Sealing system designed according to process requirements including simple retainers or double mechanical seals. Agitators offered by Adinath are available having mounting option as per process and client’s requirements.

Type of Stirrer & Agitators

  • Paddle type agitator
  • Anchor shaft agitator
  • Air operated agitator
  • Pneumatic stirrer
  • High speed disperser

Production Capacity

We manufacture agitator in capacity ranging from 10 liters to 50000 liters

* Power voltage can be adjusted as per customer’s domestic power voltage requirements.
* Rights of technical improvements & modification reserved.
* Illustrations & dimensions are shown for information purpose only.