Tablet Counting Line

The Capsule Counting and Filling Line, Tablet Counting Line Can Weigh and Fill a Variety of Products, Including Capsule More Capsule Counting Filling Machines.

The tablet counter and filler were created per GMP guidelines. It is made up of a small electric machine for counting and filling tablets, along with a feeder with many channels, computer control, a bright scanner, an instant bottle transfer, and an automatic system test. Automatic interrupt features and other cutting-edge technology are included in tablet counter. built to be used in the food or pharmaceutical industries for tablet construction and tablet filling. Electronic Tablet Counter & Filler, Disk Style Tablet / Capsule Count Line, and Tracker Style Tablet and Capsule Counting Line are three different development bases for the tablet/capsule bottle packaging line.

Pharmaceuticals have placed a great deal of emphasis on counting processed goods since it is necessary to account for production numbers.


  • Compact style;
  • The operation is relatively straightforward, counting particular size tablets or capsules without the need to alter parts using a computer running via touch screen HMI with and PLC.
  • Defend products against harm
  • Operating systems that are simple for a single person
  • Equipped with a perforated panel that can be used with a hoover source to collect dust or tablet chips.
  • A buffer bucket to prevent the pills or capsules from falling as the bottles move. The vibrating feeder can operate continuously thanks to this setup.
  • To build a line-up output system, the suitable configuration needs to be supplemented with a capping machine, a marking machine, and a cartooning machine.
  • A machine-learning system rejects substandard products.
Capsule Counting and Filling Machine

Capsule Counting and Filling Line

Counting and pouring capsules into bottles is done using a fully automated capsule bottle packaging line. Measuring capsules, cartooning containers, and cartons are only a few of the devices that make up the capsule counter and filler line.


  • Lightweight configuration of GMP.
  • Suitable for both tablets and capsules.
  • “No container-No filler” program.
  • The microprocessor base is highly powerful.
  • 36 “diameter disk having the maximum loading capacity.
  • Custom disk designed to meet specific needs.
  • Automatic dust extractor to separate dust particles from the container.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty gearboxes.

Different tablet or capsule forms can be filled by an automatic tablet counting and filling system. Depending on the machine’s capacity, this technique works perfectly for inserting tablets or capsules into the cycle of counting containers at a rate of 60 to 100 bottles per minute.

Manual, Full Control, Disc Form, and Electronic PLC editions

At the end of the production line, industrial filling techniques are employed to stack the estimated mass or volume of the component in a packing jar suitable for the product. the necessary output volume and sterility and health factors.

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