If you look around, you will notice that practically every liquid-packed product comes in a clean, uniformly-sized, properly-sealed bottle made of glass or plastic that is labelled with various information. This straightforward yet drawn-out operation is carried out using automated tools. These devices are mostly utilised in food and pharmaceutical businesses when a liquid filled product is intended for consumption. Come along as we examine the procedure and the packaging of these bottles.


The process starts with a bottle washing machine. Although bottles are thoroughly cleaned beforehand, they are sprayed with gases or water to remove any bacteria or contaminated particles. The bottles are first held on a spinning platform, and then they are fed into the washer with the assistance of a conveyor belt. To ensure proper cleaning of the bottle, the bottle cleaner is also sprayed into the bottles with the aid of nozzles and a spray system. There are two sorts of machines that can be utilised for this.Rotator bottle washing machines use a circular rotator platform to clean bottles as opposed to linear bottle washing machines, which wash bottles in a straight line. While the latter is utilised for large bottles, the former is better suited for tiny bottles.

Linear Bottle Washing Machine


Following washing, bottles are processed further on a conveyor belt as they go towards the equipment that fills liquid bottles. A volumetric bottle liquid filler is used by the machine’s nozzles to fill bottles with the required liquid. Anti-dripping valves, which may be included in nozzles, can aid in preventing spills during filling. With this device, bottles of various sizes can be filled.

Bottle Filling Machine


On the conveyor belt, filled bottles are now processed ahead for the bottle screw capping machine. Caps are inserted into a lift, accurately torqued onto liquid-containing bottles, and then sealed onto the bottle mouth. Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof closures may be used in place of plastic caps, depending on the liquid and other variables. These aluminium caps are recognised as sealing mechanisms on a global scale. A bottle ROPP capping machine is used to put and cap them. Moreover, a glass bottle capping machine is used for glass bottles, and a pet bottle capping machine is utilised for plastic bottles.

Bottle Capping Machine


Going onward on the conveyor belt, the bottle reaches the labelling part of the machine. Labels in the shape of a bundle are included on the bottle labelling machine. At first, the bottles are lined up correctly with equal distances between them. Then, one by one, these labels are put on the bottles. A release plate is used to apply the label smoothly, and a sponge roller ensures that there are no air bubbles between the label and the bottle’s surface. For various bottle types, various There are various labelling machine models. A round bottle labelling machine is used to label bottles of oral medication. A vertical bottle sticker labelling machine is utilised for bottles with a long height. Depending on the demand, either a flat bottle labelling machine or a double side flat bottle sticker labelling machine is used for flat bottles, such as shampoo bottles.

Round Bottle Labeling Machine

This technique is excellent for packing liquids since the packaging created by these machines is spill-proof and portable over long distances. As machines are automatic, they require very little human labour and can produce a lot of work each day. They function quickly and are strong, having a long lifespan. Machines are corrosion-proof and come with protection gear for various sections because they are primarily constructed of stainless steel.

Depending on the needs of the customer, a range of machines are offered on the market. Functions may also vary depending on the manufacturer. Due to the machinery’s unique properties, the food and pharmaceutical industries are currently where these machines are most in demand. If you want to work effectively and at a high rate of production, you need utilise the best machine.

Important Features of Bottle Washing Machine