A tube filling and sealing machine seals the ends of the tube after dispensing liquids and semi-solids into it. The device can handle tubes made of aluminium and plastic. The bottom of one type of filling machine is sealed with hot air, whereas the bottom of another type of filling machine is sealed using a device that twists tubes upside-down. The usage of hot or cold air distinguishes between the two.

A stainless steel Tube Filling Sealing Machine has a positive suction pump to heat the filling portion. It can fill a variety of tubes, including PP, Lami, and plastic tubes. The hand wheel can be adjusted to prevent spills and leaking of the material. The machine’s pneumatic cut-off mechanism recognises the tube and fills it when it is present. To make sure the material is packed to the proper level, a pressure gauge or thermometer is also offered.

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Cosmetics are automatically packaged and sealed using a tube filling and sealing machine. It has a vacuum that transports semi-solid items to the filling machine’s nozzle. The product will be supplied to the tube filling sealer using a hygienic pump. The machine’s dosing station will signal the operator if any tubes are missing. The final tubes are transported to the dosing station after being filled and sealed.

An intelligent digital ultrasonic welding equipment is a part of the tube filling and sealing machine. The equipment can quickly adjust the tubes’ sizes and is completely autonomous. The system has a touch panel that shows its current level of production. A colour touch screen makes the process simple and convenient while ensuring a uniform seal. Making the process even more effective, the touchscreen also shows the materials that are pumped into the tubes.

LAMI Tube Filling Machine

A device for filling and sealing plastic tubes is called a tube filling and sealing machine. Both aluminium and plastic tubes can be utilised with it. To make sure the tubes are entirely closed, the ends are crimped. The batch number, date, and batch number can all be embossed by the machine on the tube. It can handle various kinds of viscous materials and has an external reversing feeding system.

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