Machines for ampoule filling and sealing are essential for processing goods in a variety of markets, including the chemical, biotech, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical sectors. Manufacturers respond to changing consumer demands by releasing models that improve production precision and efficiency. In a glass ampoule, medicines may be present in either liquid or solid forms. Drugs or other goods are placed inside the ampoules using a filler and sealer for ampoules.

Working Principle of Ampoule Filling and Sealing

They are designed around the idea that when an ampoule is filled and sealed, it travels slantwise while the machinery takes care of customizable elements like the container’s neck size, thickness, and shape. Empty ampoules that have been cleaned and sterilised are delivered mechanically onto a wire mesh conveyor belt through the sterilisation tunnel. Afterwards, the ampoules are loaded into the conveyor belt, which moves them to the segment wheel before placing them on a conveyor cradle. A set of 8, 6, or 4 ampoules can be transported by the conveyor cradle through several stations. Pre-gassing, pre-filling, and post-filling are carried out in vertical positions.

The following are some of the main benefits of an ampoule filling and sealing machine:

  • Drugs are kept safe from germs and environmental dust in ampoules, which also make them simple to handle and store in the correct quantity.
  • A higher output per hour is feasible thanks to a quicker switchover of ampoules because the production process is very quick.
  • It contains flow metres that guarantee that the flames can be readily controlled.
  • The machine becomes a long-term investment because it has an effective cooling system to prevent overheating and extend its life.

The facility for nitrogen flushing ensures that cleaning is carried out thoroughly to get rid of any pollution.

Ampoule Filling Machine

Reasons why a machine for ampoule filling and sealing might be suggested

  1. These kinds of equipment make it simple and practical to enhance existing equipment and permit smooth integration with it. Modern technology is used and safety and hygiene precautions are mandated by cGMP norms.
  2. In order to fulfil the growing demand for ampoules, the ampoule filling and sealing machine guarantees high production capacity and can track the manufacturing of the ampoules. Users can modify the parameters and view mistakes in real-time using the unique system, which has PLC systems and is fully integrated.

Whether the drug is in a solid, liquid, or powder form, the ampoule filler may guarantee a precise amount of the drug within bottles.

Ampoule Sealing

Additionally, oxygen and other combustible gases that are suitable for the ampoule rotation during the preheating and sealing cycles are present in the sealing station of the ampoule filler machine. The circuit for flammable gases and oxygen contains safety valves and pressure reducers. The ability to channel out pollutants during heating is ensured by the presence of a stainless hood. The properly filled ampoules are automatically gathered on the collection tray after the sealing is complete.

Bottom Line

The ampoule filling machine offers a variety of head configurations, including the 2, 4, 8, and 16 head, to accommodate various operational needs and requirements. These machines are incredibly reliable because there is no danger of overfilling or underfilling and no chance of waste.