Manual Capsule Filling Machine: Features, Operation and Benefits

Manual Capsule Filling Machine Specification

Manual capsule filling machine is a manually operated capsule filling machine which is apt for small to medium batch size needs. This machine is very commonly used in a wide array of industries from pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, ayurvedic and herbal to name a few. You can fill and close hard gelatin capsules with powder and pellets with sheer ease using this machine. If you follow all the instructions provided by the machine manufacturer, you can take your capsule filling success rate to an all new level, as this machine offers a number of benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits of the manual capsule filling machine.

Manual Capsule Filling Machine Operation, features and benefits

Produce 8000 capsules per hour with manual capsule filling machine

Manual capsule filling machine is well capable of opening and filling capsules at the rate of 300 per cycle. This machine can produce about 8000 capsules per hour. Manual capsule filling machine is considered ideal for smaller runs and for the same reason, it is indispensable to clinical organizations and laboratories.

Handle a wide array of capsules

The design and construction of the manual capsule filler is one of its kind. Owing to this design and construction this 300 holes manual capsule filling machine is the best machine to go for. Besides, the machine is made of stainless steel 304 which makes it quite sturdy. Also, all non contact parts of this machine are made of mild steel and hard chrome which makes it look aesthetically appealing.

Easy to operate and maintain

Manual capsule filler is easy to operate and maintain. Placing capsules in the manual capsule filler is the first step of the procedure. You need to place the capsule in the tray and then pull the locking handle forward post which you got to push down the long lever in order to lift the caps of capsule bodies. Post this, keep the tray with caps aside. Push the locking handle back and let the capsule bodies come to the filling surface.

Now, we get started with the filling process. Make sure you avoid any spillage of powder and use the right quantity of powder before spreading it. Lock it using the tamper. Now turn the handle provided above for powder compression. Bring up the tamper and add extra powder if needed.

Now, it is time to get started with the covering of capsules. Put the tray with caps to the filler and bring down the locking plate. Lock the plate before turning the front knob to the right. Push capsule bodies into caps and open the locking plate lock. Now, you need to lift the locking plate before turning the knob to the left. Pull the long lever down and lift the tray that contains filled capsules. Take out the filled capsules from the tray.

You can easily operate it manually and clean it whenever it is required. It is durable and doesn’t need heavy maintenance. All you need to do is follow the instructions provided in the user manual provided by the manufacturer.
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