All You Need to Know About Industrial Labeling Machines

Labeling and packaging is crucial to a variety of industries across the world. There is barely any industry or business that can be imagined without professional labeling and packaging.

Before we understand what a labeling machine is and how it works, let’s understand the importance of labeling. Why labeling is required in the first place?

Pharmaceutical Labeling Machine

The importance of labeling

Product labeling is an important medium to communicate with your customers. It also serves the purpose of providing necessary information to the customers. This information includes the color, size, ingredients and usage instructions among others. So, in a nutshell it helps to create brand awareness around your product and to convey crucial information to the target audience.
What is a labeling machine?

As the name suggests, a labeling machine is versatile equipment that is used to prints and applies paper covers and labels containing crucial information. it is quite understandable that this machine is composed of a number of parts and components that work in sync in order to achieve all of the above mentioned purposes. From printing to disbursement and label marking, it does it all.

Labeling machines come in a variety of shapes and designs. They could be semi-automatic or automatic as well; however, majority of them are multi-functional. You can use these machines to label different materials such as aluminum, plastic, glass, steel, and fiber drums to name a few.

Now, since we know what a labeling machine is and why it is important, the next obvious question is- is product labeling of various types? The answer is- Yes!

Categorization of Labels
Product labels can be broadly categorized into:

  • Removable product labels
  • Non-removable product labels

Removable Labels

As the name suggests, removable labels are labels that can be removed and provide light and temporary bonds. These labels come with custom-made adhesives and do not leave any residue of adhesive on the surface when removed. The surface material remains unfazed after the label is removed. These labels are not considered ideal to be used for surfaces or applications that easily succumb to moisture, cold, heat and corrosion.

Non-removable labels

Non-removable labels on the other hand are a permanent solution. Unlike removable labels these labels cannot be removed. It goes without saying that the degree of permanence doesn’t work on just one factor. A number of factors including, time, surface material type, environmental conditions and application determine it. If you attempt to remove non-removable labels, they may pull or even tear the surface.


Product labeling has been crucial for marketing since ages. But that’s not it. It is important for regulatory compliance purposes as well. It also helps your achieve brand identity and beat the heat of the competition. As a manufacturer, you are mandated to label your products for providing key information such as ingredients, expiry date, batch number, and safety instructions to name a few.

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