It costs money and takes time to manufacture both medications and medication equipment. The term “Robotic Capsule Capsule Filling” alone indicates that this device mostly fills capsules using spray-dried, pure API, blended, freeze-dried, and biological powders. The world’s fastest gravimetric powder micro-dosing technique is the robotic capsule filler of 3p.

Capsule Filling

Capsule Filling

Advantage of Robotic Capsule Filler

  • The gadget is multifunctional; in addition to filling medical devices, it can also fill prescription medications.
  • The fill2weight technique is incredibly adaptable and works with a variety of powders.
  • High-speed robotic capsule fillers are easily scalable for industrial production.
  • Simple to move from one location to another, such as from the lab to the cleanroom.
  • Without changing the equipment, infinitely variable dosage weight is allowed.

Why use 3P’s Robotic Capsule Filler?

  • The standard technologies and machine platform provided by 3P Innovation Ltd. enable companies to develop and market new products more quickly.
  • The items are produced by 3P Innovation Ltd. at a cheaper cost and with less risk.
  • The construction and testing of medical devices is another area of expertise.
  • 3P offers a vast array of goods and services. and producing a product of the highest quality.
  • Some of the major pharmaceutical firms in the world benefit significantly from the variety of time and cost-saving standard equipment that 3P provides.
  • Understanding the difficulties that customers face, 3P Innovation Limited creates technology and equipment that will enable customers to manage a product’s whole life cycle.